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Desolated is a mystery horror game in which you must survive, explore, and attempt to escape what appears to be a mansion of some sort. This is not as easy as it may seem because the place might not be as desolated as you thought.

Solve puzzles under pressure of not knowing how safe you really are, open every door with uncertainty. Uncover the mystery of what is happening around you. Escape... (Do a Lets Play Perhaps..?)

Paying anything would really help me out and would be appreciated!

I'd love to watch Lets Plays of this game!


Esc/Z = MENU


ArrowKeys = MOVE

CONTROLLER SUPPORTED! (You can use a controller.)


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Desolated The Horror Begins v1.2.0.exe 21 MB

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Pretty neat!



Hey i'm really enjoying your game! The monster really scares me every time it chases me haha which i encounter in the second part. I made the 1st part Lets Play video of it, so if anyone wants to come check it out go right ahead! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy to support the channel, thanks! :)


It was super fun! I made a video of it


why i cant download this game???

You can now! Oh my goodness, somehow I clicked the HIDE box on the link on accident.